Notice Board Updates – December 2020

How to play at LB&SC under Tier 2


Please see below updated guidance on how we can play our chosen sports.


  • Singles from any household, including one to one coaching.
  • Doubles can be played from one household or a household support bubble, versus another. You cannot mix households on the same side of the court.

Squash/Squash 57 (racketball)

  • Only household or household support bubbles can play traditional squash
  • Others can receive one to one coaching or
  • Play socially distanced squash i.e sides or drills. Socially distanced squash is only permitted within a squash bubble of six people. If you move from one bubble to another, you must take a break of seven days. Squash bubbles should be registered with Steve Bridgeman 07968 224505.
  • No more than two on court at any one time.

Table Tennis

  • Singles only. Only one table will be available and only two members can book a session i.e no groups.


  • Yoga will recommence on December 11th.

We understand that playing your favourite sport under these restrictions is not practical for many of you and not enticing for others. However, we would try and encourage you to think about how you can get some exercise at the club as well as meet up with your colleagues.


Think about

  • Coaching with one of our coaches.
  • Six members could book three courts for a session of singles. Please note that you cannot swap courts and play others, but you will need to rest at times and can chat with others as long as you are socially distanced.
  • You can arrange to have a hit with others without needing to get competitive. If you would like someone to hit with, the club can assist in finding another member to play against.
  • Singles can be played with a restricted part of the court i.e only the right or left side of the court or between the two service lines.
  • Drills.


Karren Chapman:           07711 456590

Jonty Russ:                       07557 100843

Will Hilton Jackson:        07427 463333


Think about

  • Coaching
  • Solo practice
  • Doing drills with a partner. These can be competitive with a little bit of imagination: Assume A at the front and B at the back
    • A drives to length B drops. Can be done on both forehand and backhand. Swap over so A goes to the back etc
    • A drives to length and B boasts continue until one player makes a mistake. Swap over
    • A drops to himself then drives to length. B drives to length and the boasts etc. Swap over
    • Play front and back using the short line. Start as above with a drive to length and a boast and then A has to hit past the short line and B has to play short of it. Don’t forget you can use cross court drops and lobs. Swap over
    • Sides


Mike Yung- Hok:              07501 455026

Phil Tapping:                    07702 209171

Table Tennis

Think about

  • Singles only
  • Arrange games with other members.

We would remind all members that the club is closed (including the office) unless they have booked a court.

How do I book a court?

You can book courts up to 6 days in advance by contacting one of the booking officers listed below.

Nick Cochrane:                07853 145204

James Klanczkowski:      07419 843655

Steve Bridgeman:           07968 224505

[email protected] (please note the office is unmanned so we may take longer to respond to booking requests at this address)

Bookings will be taken for courts commencing on Thursday 3rd December.

When booking you will need to specify which sport, the date and time you wish to play and finally which player will be the “Court Covid Officer” and their contact or membership number.

Attendance at the Club to play

  • Do not arrive more than five minutes before your scheduled start
  • Complete the attendance sheet in the lobby. Provide your name and advise if you have used the NHS test and trace app. If not, you will need a contact number or your membership number. Finally, you will need to note your arrival time. There is nothing to complete when you leave.
  • Arrive ready to play except for court shoes
  • Bring your own equipment* and refreshments (water bottle)
  • Bring coins for the meters

*Tubes of shuttlecocks are available for purchase at £20. Please advise booking officer at time of booking

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • DO NOT attend the Club if you or anyone in your household is displaying Covid-19 symptoms or if you have been advised you must self-isolate.
  • You are required to wear a face covering whenever you are indoors, except when you are playing sport. This applies to anyone aged 11 years and over.
  • Hand sanitise before and after playing (hand sanitisation points are clearly marked)
  • Disabled toilet is available
  • Leave the Clubhouse promptly after playing
  • Please follow Government guidelines on social distancing.