Should any member wish to return to playing their favourite sports, we have put in place a number of special measures to ensure the safety of all members. If you would like to play, please follow the guidelines below.

Please make sure you have read every section.

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    LB&SC Club Covid-19 Restrictions

    Following a successful trial, the club will be open for the playing of Badminton, Squash on a restricted basis from Thursday December 3rd 2020.

    The restrictions mean that members will no longer be able to turn up and play as they used to. However, guidance is constantly changing so please check each time you book a court.

    What are the restrictions?

    • You must pre-book your court.
    • The club’s opening hours will be determined by the availability of officers or staff to open and close the facility.
    • Courts will be available for booking on the hour for 45 minute sessions, in order that you can leave the premises before the next players arrive.
    • In order to assist contact tracing, you must sign in with your name and the NHS app or your contact or membership number.
    • There will be no changing facilities or toilets available (except the disabled toilet).
    • You must follow the guidelines for playing Badminton and Squash as provided by the relevant sports authorities.
    • You must provide your own equipment (including shuttlecocks).
    • You will need to nominate a Covid-19 Officer for your court who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the current guidelines.
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    What is a Covid-19 Court Officer?

    The LBSC’s Covid-19 Officer is Steve Bridgeman
    E: [email protected]
    M: 07968 224 505

    Why do we need a Covid-19 Court Officer?

    In permitting the Club to reopen, we have reviewed the guidelines provided by the various sports bodies that govern the activities of LB&SC and the need for a Covid-19 officer to be present at all times is quite clear. As courts can be active when there are no staff present, it has been decided that a Covid-19 Officer will be required for each court in order to identify an individual who will be responsible for the activity on that court. We believe that this will assist any track and trace activity if it is required.

    As the Covid-19 Officer for your court, your responsibilities are to ensure:

    • All players are properly signed into the club.
    • Players follow the rules for the court as per the guidelines for the sport which can be found on the noticeboards. These are constantly changing so please make sure that you have read them.
    • Ensure players leave the premises promptly at the end of 45 minutes (unless you have booked consecutive sessions) and that all possessions are removed from your court. You should be clear of the premises before the players for the following court arrive.
    • Ensure that players are socially distancing whenever possible.
    • Encourage players to sanitize their hands frequently.
    • If you need to report an incident relating to Covid-19 rules, please contact the Club’s Covid-19 Officer.
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    How Do We Book A Court During Covid-19?

    Ring one of the undernoted booking officers:
    Nick Cochrane - 07853 145204
    Steve Bridgeman - 07968 224 505
    James Klanczkowscki - 07419 843 655

    Email [email protected] (response may take longer as the office is closed)

    Ring one of the above booking officers and advise:

    • Which sport you would like to play
    • What day
    • What time
    • Players
    • Names of all players
    • Covid-19 Officer for the court (contact number or membership number required)

    The booking officer will check court availability and that the club is open.

    They may have to ring you back to see if arrangements can be made to open the club at that time.

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    What you need to consider during Covid-19

    • The wearing of masks is required unless you are playing sport.
    • You should arrive ready to play. There are no changing facilities.
    • You should arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled court.
    • Bring your own refreshments.
    • Bring your own equipment including shuttlecocks.
    • You will need to sign in and out of the premises and you should move directly to your court.
    • Bring coins for the light meters, however you should leave the court after 45 minutes so that you are clear of the court before the next players arrive.
    • You will have to nominate a Covid-19, who will be responsible for your court.
    • Follow the rules for playing as outlined in the guidelines provided the respective sports authority.
    • You should socially distance whenever possible and sanitize your hands frequently.
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    How to Proceed during Covid-19 restrictions

    Wait in outer hall until signing in desk is clear.

    Change into court playing shoes in the lobby.

    Masks are compulsory except when you are playing sport.

    Sanitize your hands frequently.

    Socially distance whenever possible.

    Appoint a Covid-19 officer for your court or session.

    Each player should sign in providing:

    1. Name
    2. Use NHS app (alternatively you can use your contact or membership number)
    3. Time of entry to the Club

    Wipe the pen clean for the next user.

    Proceed directly to your court either via the entrance doors to the badminton courts or to Squash Court 3.

    Each court is for 45 mins unless you have a double session, please depart the premises as promptly as possible to avoid players arriving for the next court session.

    The disabled toilet is available for use, please ensure it is kept clean for others.